Traditional Thai massage:

For the massage we provide our guests with comfortable clothing and during the session no oil is used. This type of massage systematically seeks the 12 meridians via acupressure in order to achieve complete mental and physical wellbeing. You feel like a reborn person after the session!


The aromaoilmassage is less intensive than the traditional Thai massage, but still very effective. You can choose according to your preferences from the following 8, high-quality oil combinations: Jasmine, Honey, Lemongrass-Marigold, Orange- Cinnamon, Aloe Vera, Rosemary-Mint and Peach-Mango. The oil massage soothes and refreshes the body therefore it is advised not to take a shower in the next couple of hours after the massage, so that the oils can effectively work.

Foot massage:

The traditional foot massage is performed in a sitting position, while the masseuse stimulates the reflexpoints of the sole to achieve a better effect and to detoxify the organs and the body.

Hot herb massage

During the hot herb massage the therapist uses so called herb stamps which are filled with at least 10 different herbs ( Lemongrass, Lavender, Tamarind etc..) and are heated up to 60 degrees Celsius. Via controlling the thermo receptors by these stamps, the following results are reached:
- Stimulation of the blood circulations
- Stimulation of the connective tissues for a firmer skin
- Getting rid of stiffness and relaxing
- Stimulation of the lymphatic flow and removal of waste
- Boosting the metabolism
- Activation of self-healing mechanisms

Full body exfoliation:

The full body exfoliation massages the body with high quality mineral wash cream and in the same time removes dead epithelium and cleans the skin pores. This peeling is free of any side effects and can be used for all skin types. After the proper lengths of the session followed by a shower, you can enjoy a relaxing full body oil massage which can be better absorbed by the body and leads to a skin as smooth as velvet!

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